Just a random backroad in Seoul.

Similar view but from several meters higher up.

I found a ladder leading onto live tracks, and leaned through to take this picture.

That was the way up, and it led to two sets of tracks. On the other side I observed a KTX train rolling by from up close.

I went to the river and found that the water level had dropped by maybe a couple meters. You can see there were some guys down there, and also the stairs down to the park were closed off, so I didn't fancy my chances.

From a little further back you can see that bulging temporary fence at the streamhead, which seems to be filtering sludge from entering the river.

Then I noticed a couple women approaching the men, hesitantly at first but then with determination to get past. I might be totally wrong.

Then an older woman ducked through the no-entry tape and headed down, so I followed after her.

A single flower.

Turns out the men on the bridge were fishing. I'm afraid to ask what they were trying to catch.

A look in the tunnel entrance. It's not as deep as it appears, and you could probably stand inside the tunnel with your head out of the water. Of course, once you step outside the tunnel, the ground under your feet would retreat deeper beneath the water.

Click for full size.

The banner is telling the city to take responsibility and keep its promises about special zoning. I can't quite tell what that means yet.

A random hallway somewhere anonymous.

No fishing.

Yeah especially no fishing.

This tunnel looks pretty bad.

That concrete box is usually tall enough that it's not fun to climb on top of.

Another view as I was leaving.

Mask warning.

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