GBN Return Show

A quick view of Namdaemun on my way south. Normally I'm pretty sure the tower is visible there.

I stopped by K-Meat in Noryangjin to take this picture for K-Iceberg purposes.

I arrived at GBN around 5:40 expecting to have missed half of Polluter's set based on the schedule, to find they weren't starting until 6.

Then I just took photos of whoever was around. It somehow seems like a novelty to me to be at a show during daylight.

I asked Haru if I could photograph her as I was taking this picture. It worked out pretty well.

From further back I got another picture of her with Jung-min, two thirds of The 1234-Dah!

I asked Paul to pose for me while I set up my speedlight. He looks thrilled.

Polluter is setting up.

The face shields turned out to be intended to allow people to drink more easily without having to move a mask each time.

This is going to be very hard for drinking.

Goyang gives Songyi a few hand germs before she starts her set.

I always thought Songyi was very tall, but it turns out she's just wearing platform shoes.

Paul remarked to me how surreal this crowd looked.

One of the few times when Songyi is undermasked compared to everyone else.

Just noticed how one guy is presumably adjusting his mask's 5G antenna wire.

End of set.

Just as The 1234-Dah! was starting, I shouted "Aw shit, the cops are here!" Haru seemed to only hear the first part though.

Jinho had some pretty intense makeup.

Anyone know why there is a "random white guy in the back who looks bored as fuck nursing a can of beer" standing next to the drums? He seems to be part of the performance, even appearing in this video.

Jungmin's terrible(-y appropriate) mullet.

I missed Find the Spot and felt guilty, so I took this picture of Changeun wearing a bandana. They remain one of my favourite hardcore bands, but I figured they'd be a little more physical and more people would be shouting.

Everyone in this band is fun to photograph.

Though Jung-min is easily the most fun.

She's a little too far away for these light settings, but having the random(?) guy standing right there helps a lot.

She was having a lot of fun in the corner.

Without the flash, the lighting got a little weird. Not sure if he was actually wearing glitter.

I stepped out into the street to take this picture quickly, but had to move before any cars came.

This was a lucky shot.

The next band I saw was Slant, my first time seeing them.

It was pointed out to me that the girl with the white shirt was really making the dancefloor better.

It looks sort of like Yeji's blowing smoke rings.

Between songs.

Gonna guess Aaron is reading along with lyrics on his phone.

After the renovations, we need to get JP back to review the new washroom.

It even has a toilet, with very little legroom.

I intended to leave after Slant, but ended up leaving too slowly so I went back inside for Deadbuttons, who I wrote about recently.

She looks happier.

You can see his new head tattoo here. I dno't think he had either of those back at the solidarity march.

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