Abandoned Neighbourhood

There were a few heavy construction machines sitting around. I think they're not for demolition here, just parked, maybe by a junkyard around the corner.

In some corners it seems like every second building is inhabited.

I noclipped behind a fence to visit the only two houses in the area.

Well now you know where it used to be.

There wasn't much left inside, mostly just inconvenient plants.

The two houses from above. Neither was extremely interesting, but I hopped over a fence to get into the apartment behind them.

Fallen cahdelier.

I don't know what kind of exercise this provides.

I encountered more abandoned stoves than usual.

The neighbours.

I didn't get to see the inside of the livingtel.

Another attempt to view more of the two houses.

I found myself stuck between buildings.

I had to backtrack all the way back the way I came.

Entering another building. I think thijs was teh top floor judging by the slanted ceiling.

Polar bear standing guard.

Across the street.

This place was fenced off with a wide open entrance for people to enter.

The name of a building in Hanja.

That name would apply to the building on the right.

A basement entrance.

I went upstairs instead.

The Magic Face.

It granted me magic powers.

Such as the power to find a physical version of a save icon.

The top phrase seems to be a quote from Ahn Jung-geun, with the phrase in brackets being a Hangeulised reading of the Hanja, followed by the whole phrase written out in plain Korean. The phrase translates to "It is difficult to achieve a lot if a person does not think far."

Not sure why there's a Star of David underneath.

There were a few little arts and crafts here.

And a tiger.

Plus a Buddhist lantern.

The fridge had some nice magnets including a Winnie the Pooh font.

The wall had that rabbit on the moon.

Another living room.

This room had a huge printout of a photo. It didn't seem to be anything commercial so I think it might've been by the residents.

Another oven.

Bottom of a chair.

Some interesting signs on this door.

And on this door, counterfeit money apparently for a Chinese restaurant.

This house is empty.

This building had apartments with two washrooms, such as this master bathroom.

Hanging over a door.

More thermostats.

It was a very sunny day.

I got onto the very top of this roof where there was a concrete platform.

The ladder leading up there.

A single ice skate.

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