Here's the corner in Yongsan where there's upcoming demolition.

I passed by the abandoned neighbourhood I visited in Ttukseom a few months earlier. The tall building is the officetel I climbed all the way to the top for pictures of the area. When I took this, an excavator on top was chewing its way down.

Ma Maison: The House With My Dreams

If it's really "my house," I wonder why there are lockers in front.

A nice clear sky and mountains in teh distance.

The architecture is unimpressive but I'm gaining appreciation for these commercial buildings built into apartment complexes.

Apparently it's a kids' museum themed on Pinocchio. When I was driving by, I saw it wrong and thought it said "Panopamilia."

A nicely decorated street not far from Buram Mountain.

This is part of the moon village near Danggogae Station.

I stopped in the tunnel and got a picture of an entire truck.

This is what I was aiming at.

This is a sidewalk underneath a big anti-tank trap somewhere between Byeollae and Uijeongbu.

I tried climbing up but there were a lot of spiders. I walked through one web and got one of these spiders on me. It just spun a web and swung down to the ground.

Here's a view of the thing.

And the ladder I did climb.

Here's another roadblock trap.

A grave site.

In Uijeongbu, I saw this sort of unusual decorative fountain.

Three chairs.

A Jamaica-themed noraebang.

This area has this somewhat elaborate gate. Not sure why.

I had to drive back and see why there was a street going into a building.

Sounds more like a Gangnam name.

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