Baeksa Village

Sometimes I wonder if the people who draw those circles (which I'm 90% sure mean moved out) put a lot of thought into where to draw them.

I guess the blue face must be a worker? Looks like he was trying to compare his art with the popsicle kid.

There's the popsicle guy.

That seems more reflective of the age of the residents.

I like the egg-shaped dog.

Part of a more ambitious traditional drawing. Curious how the rest looked.

The tortoise and the hare.

Another abandoned house with non-mural non-art.

The sun has whiskers.

I like the use of the pipe.

Graffiti to warn of the huge crack.

A flimsy-looking ladder.

A house covered in various materials.

A laughing and loving person.

Curious what's depicted here and why that guy seems to have two mouths.

Ruined mural.

Is that Le Petit Prince?

Back here to pick up my scooter.

I'm unsure what they're doing. At first I thought malttukbakgi, but it isn't violent enough.

Good place for a security camera.

An old house.

Nobody lives here anymore.

Can't figure out what is going on here.

Or what they're eating.

Another art-minded circle.


Looks like a dog head.

Is that jangseung wearing sunglasses?

Looking from further away.

Poorly fitting doorframe.

Some Western-style graffiti.

There were these hisstoric murals all over.

Good circle.

Welcome to Smurfs.

It feels wrong to be so optimistic-looking now.

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