They're carving out the platform of the southernmost building of Sewoon Sangga.

People are against it.

Here's where I wanted to go today.

Not the easiest place to get in.

More information. It's E-class which is the worst possible rating. Not totally sure why.

It was fairly overgrown.

I didn't go in there yet.

This is another building.

They carved up the floor.

I hadn't noticed the cuckoo clock at the time.

Is Bart saying "D'oh!"?

Wooden frame.

I've been seeing those body braces everywhere.

Using socks on this kind of toilet seat is clever, but... why?

French-style fried chicken.

A demolition blanket.

A first birthday.

As I walked upstairs, I heard something rustling around. I thought it was a cat but then this creature ran past me.

Looking closer, it's believed to be a raccoon dog.

I left pretty fast. I hadn't known I got a picture, and I thought it was a boar.

I thought of using a ski in case it came after me.

These things were everywhere.

Good for raccoon dogs?

It's spider season now.

Here's the building from in front.

Viewing it from up the road.

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