An unnecessary but welcome embellishment to an otherwise uninteresting apartment complex.

A view over Seongbuk-dong from Bugak Skyway. Click for full size.

Traditional wall repair.

I found this one flower growing in the parking lot. Then I walked a few more paces and found a ton of them.

I can't quite read that.

There used to be some kind of structure on there.

All the wires here were clipped.

Some rocks were balanced on a log over a stream.

Either there are mountain nazis or I'm in a site with some shamanistic relics.

That rock jutting out over the path had a pretty strong profile. I thought it looked like some kind of rodent.

I got into a cave.

I'm guessing at least some shamanic rituals are performed here.

Click for full size.

There was a big vein of something white hanging from the ceiling.

Lookig back at the entrance.

From this angle the rock looks like a rhinoceros.

Whoops, the path I was on was closed because of possible wild boars.


I got inside another cave, although it wasn't quite as impressive, plus much harder to get to.

I see a crying animal of some kind.

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