Driving Around Downtown

From a footbridge not too far away.

At some point I want to go around and photograph as many of these giant statues as I can find.

A look down this road. Up ahead it turns into Daehangno.

In the other direction, the Ambassador is also getting a makeover.

It doesn't actually say anything interesting, but it led me to this site which lists up a ton of similar historic sites.

It wouldn't be too hard to squeeze under.

Here's a view from a roof across the street from the bunker.

Click for full size.

Buildings I can't really identify.

I believe the military buildings are all Camp Coiner which is totally closed.

Vehicles on post.

The area below me is Namyeong-dong, which used to be part of the base but was returned by the Japanese.

I was on an interesting roof.

Someone's home?

The narrow building is where the bunker is located. Behind it, past the Grand Open building, you can see a brown brick building, which is DGBS.

There's Camp Kim.

I was impressed with her route over this traffic island.

The mulberry trees have been trimmed back.

I'm curious about this notice, as we are directly above a part of the Host Tunnel.

This area has been locked up for quite a while.

I went to Jackson Pizza, located in the base of an apartment complex.

Hard to think of a place like this ever being a cultural destination for anyone other than residents.

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