Seodaemun Area

That building with the roof decorations has been abandoned a long time. I call it the Mickey Mouse Kindergarten.

I was going to link a previous visit but it looks like I haven't been in since 2010.

I used to get in through the window up there, but they sealed it off.

A look over the area as a cloud rolls in.

This is where one of the Geumhwa Apartment buildings used to be.

There was supposed to be a park built here. It didn't happen.

There's the front gate.

A look back at the site, taken through glass. The two apartments were on top of the hill behind that one row of trees.

Another direction.

Here is the garden of the abandoned house I call the Garden House.

And a look at the apartment site without glass, but with trees.

Garden House is in bad shape.

The interior too.

The lines in this room are straight, but my panorama software curved them.

The view out the front.

Furniture on the windowsill.

The front door.

A circular window.

The view right inside.

This is where the stairs would be.

There's a second abandoned house around back.

The sky was nice.

Another house next door, this one I think still occupied.

Click for full size.

The garden was growing peppers.

I looked around for the entrance to the other house. It was impossible in this season.

I stole one of the peppers. It was mildly flavoured but slow burning.

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