Shaman Quest

Tom holds his camera on a very large monopod in front of the Sanshin bas relief.

The two of them together.

A closer look at the face of one of the lower bas reliefs.

A couple pictures taken inside the cave I found.

There were stone pieces at the entrance with these patterns on them. Maybe brought here from somewhere else.

There's that big rock across the path. With the sun on it better I think it looks like a Totoro-type creature, but without that maybe it's more like a giant snail of some kind.

I found these indentations in a rock face. Pretty sure that's not shamans.

A nice view from a higher vantage.

Click for full size.

Here's another site.

This bas relief shows a shaman with a tiger. It's a little harder to see. It also seems to have similar holes bored in it as above.

Sanshin's eye view.

I thought I saw another potential cave. There wasn't much to it though.

Another view of the bas relief and altar.

Tom approaches another bas relief, showing the mireuk Buddha, who will reappear in 5.6 billion years.

There's an altar here too, with an opened water.

We climbed higher up and passed this statue.

With a smaller figurine at the feet.

I climbed into one cave to find that it was a tunnel.

We had to go up a steep rock face to get to the next site.

I didn't see any cameras.

Another Mireuk Buddha.

And monkeys.

A closer look, showing the face details plus coins.

Even the tiger gets money. I should bring Buster here.

Looking over toward Bugaksan.

And Namsan.

Now both. Click for full size.

One more bas relief, although this one is far more modern.

Ryan points out he's still a mountain god.

They turned a cave into an actual room.

I spotted red spider lilies.

Here's a look at that cave that turned out to be a tunnel. Click for larger image.

Some of the rock formation. I don't think it's totally natural.

We couldn't read that. I thought taking a picture would help. It doesn't.

Bridge to nowhere. The sign over there warns about wild boars.

After I left, I stopped by Namdaemun.

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