Abandoned Hotel

The way in is still wide open.

With a welcoming sign.

It closed April 1. Or did it?

Some sort of control related to parking I think.

That death door again.

Inside the lobby, it appears they are taking doors out.

They've also trashed that cafe since last visit.

I'm a feeble person, and I didn't need a guardian's help.

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Looking at the ceiling.

Looking back the way I'd come.

This picture was surprisingly close to actual light conditions.

This room was dark so I just used the flash. Those four buttons were lit up on that phone and I didn't know what it meant. I should've looked closer at what was in the lost and found. Return trip?

There was a light on on the second floor area.

Higher up, I found these thrones.

And just more gutted hallways.

A suite with a view.

A shoe shine mitt hanging from a hook.

Each floor had a construction light on.

I grabbed one bright construction light and brought it back to the thrones.

For this shot I aimed the light up at the ceiling for a diffused effect.

Then I aimed the light at the chairs themselves for harsher shadows. Not sure which I prefer.

A closer look at the lions on the thrones.

Another hallway.

Systems inside the room.

A hanging light.

Where the TV used to be.

This was now an ashtray.

Another dark hallway.

I foudn this mask on the floor.

That actually is more terrifying than I expected.

Is this for a cat to drink out of?

Who is allowed to drink from this?

A fake fireplace.

The roof door.

A revealing shadow.

This was the only part of the whole hotel that felt particularly normal.

Looking back at the roof door.

A floor waxing machine I think.

This was the top-floor room for staff to sleep in.

And there was a way up higher.

Even higher, but I didn't go that far.

Looking over the US Army Corps of Engineers Far East District Compound.

Another nearby roof that looks like it could be fun.

Click for full size.

Back inside.

And heading down.

A statue in the park across the street is lit up at the right moment.

Art in a suite.

The ground floor had a washroom that seemed both to have stopped working and still been used by workers.

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