Driving Around Dongdaemun

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Here's a tighter look at some of the urban fabric.

I like the baby highrise apartment building. Why even bother?

This building has the architectural equivalent of headlice.

Not too sure what that is, but obviously a space ship.

I visited a number of buildings trying to get to the roof, but kept failing.

The edge of an area that was demolished near Hwanghak Market.

The shoe market is decimated.

Ho Shoes is still there.

This is the far end where the really really cheap deals are. Now the whole market is like this.

My favourite sock store used to be over there.

There are a lot of Korean restaurants with oversized bears out front.

I got an Excavator Vigilante action figure. The only problem is it thinks my cats are Choi Soon-sil.

And I got a new tiger shirt.

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