This image shows the old and the new building name.

There's the view of the Hyatt again.

More of Itaewon.

I started to center around a sort of V shape I see here, outlined by the trees. Expect multiple shots of the same scenery as the lighting changes.

First panorama attempt. Click for full size.

Some people were having a rooftop party.

This looks in the direction of the garrison, where the trees are in the upper right.

Time for another panorama attempt. Click for full size.

Looking back at the main building.

They left some kind of little tree inside.

It's a much larger building than its profile on the road indicates.

Here's the parking lot exit.

A quick look at the flowers while I climb out.

The exit.

Here's the main entrance.

A smaller entrance.

This is next door, not abandoned, just a cool-looking house with an overgrown yard.

Meanwhile, over in the commercial side of Itaewon, another block of buildings has been fenced off.

I guess this restaurant is already relocated.

There wasn't an obvious way in.

Across the street, there's the On the Border that closed recently.

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