RAS Korea Business and Culture Club

JiHoon gives a bit of an introduction behind the Chondogyo building.

You can see the building itself on the left.

Here it is from the front.

I was impressed with these big lamps, which JiHoon said would be lit by flame rather than electricity. Curious if they still work.

Here's a group photo of everyone but me.

A closer look at the lamp.

The front entrance.

Here's how it looks inside.

A side hallway. There were lots of books around here they seem happy to give away, explaining Cheondogyo in various languages. Mr Choi had already given me one sometime earlier.

We got to go inside, despite signs warning visitors not to.

Thanks to the chairs it was easy to social distance.

This is as close as I got.

Then they turned on the lights for us.

Click for full size.

This was the first time JiHoon and Cho In-souk met. You can kind of pretend they're facing each other if you don't look at their feet.

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