Host Tunnel

I tried to meet my friends in a different location, but they got completely lost.

Yongsan Market is looking pretty dead.

We entered the Bone Tunnel. All the portable lights we saw last time were gone now.

Although much of the tunnel floor has been cleaned, removing the bone tunnel bones that give the bone tunnel its name, there was still one section that had a lot of bone tunnel bones.

Heading downstream.

I found a lost wallet.

There were two cards inside. This is one (censored). Probably it was stolen and dropped in a sewer grate somewhere upstream, and washed up here after the latest rain.

More treasure hunting.

Inside the tunnel, we found a machete-wielding psychopath.

Fortunately he was willing to stand still to pose for us.

Apparently he found this therapeutic mask in the garbage.

Getting set up in the usual spot.

We sent our murderer out to check for any hosts, and so we could focus our lenses.

He looks scarier without the mask.

Fireworks time.

I think the red streak is from the mask.

Yeah, sort of.

Probably the same thing here.

An odd portrait.

Fireworks and the mask.

The closest I got to a still shot of it.

This is why I kept saying not to point the flashlight at the cameras.

Everything is pointed away from the camera.

No one's there. I did this by illuminating the ceiling and letting the light reflect everywhere else.

Some very slow-burning sparklers.

This was the result of two people carrying two sparklers and wandering down the tunnel.

This is a similar effect done with one flashlight.

Packing up.

Time to get back on the ledge.

We hadn't been killed yet so we let him come with us.

He was a bit slow due to a legendary wrist injury.

This sequence shows the technique he used.

And once he got a knee up, he was home free.

We found a pretty large mummified fish.

We went to a restaurant aboveground where the woman working there executed my friends with some kind of temperature gun.

Some other customers were seated outside, and we saw some cats stalking them.

There were at least six cats we saw, and it was clear they were related and of at least two generations.

Ryan and I both noticed this scene at the same time. Ryan ran ahead and photographed...the barber pole.

Yeah, that's what I was looking at too.

Another stone relic over by the electronics market.

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