Olympic Village

Here's the gate to Olympic Park.

This is one of the Olympic Village apartments.

This one looks damaged, and I wonder if windows were removed.

There's a school behind the site, and then agricultural land.

The apartments are laid out in a radial pattern, which is hard to comprehend frmo this angle.

The trees were plentiful.

I like how there are baby highrise apartments.

Another view of the Olympic logo.

The buildings are very colourless but at leas they have a lot of trees.

The elevators have the Olympics logo and Hodori, the tiger mascot.

A detail of Olympic Park next door.

Looking down from a high roof. All roof doors seemed open.

I liked this little building trying to keep its head up among the trees.

From here you can see how they radiate around that curved shopping mall in the middle.

Here's that shopping mall.

This poster has been appearing all around the city, including a large one on the old City Hall building. Which mask do you want?

A zoomed look at one of the entrances.

It had this great space inside. Also, I think that tree followed me from Pyongyang.

I haven't seen this many 88s since Iron March closed.

This shows the radial structure of the buildings. I should get on one of those roofs next time.

These are the tallest buildings making up the northern border.

I drove away and came back, hoping to try harder to get on the roof of this building. But there was no way.

Taking the stairs down, but which stairs?

And as I left I passed by the arch in front of Olympic Park again.

Pineapple Sangga.

And there was another shopping mall at the same intersection. I like how they list every single building inside. Must be hell to replace. Too bad Lotte World doesn't do this.

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