Bus Walls

As I approached, the bus wall enveloped Seoul Square (which is actually an oval).

The buses lined both sides of the street from here to Gwanghwamun. It was almost as many as I remember seeing in 2009 when a couple dozen elderly evictees tried to have a memorial following the Yongsan Disaster.

Currently Gwanghwamun Square is blocked by a fence and a long line of cops and pylons. At other times there was apparently another bus wall there.

Fences here and there.

And bike cops.

King Sejong is fenced off.

This is the former Pungmun Girls High School which is turning into Seoul Craft Museum so Lotte can build a hotel on the nearby empty embassy compound...which is no longer happening.

When I drove back past City Hall, the bus wall was redeploying.

A police roadblock can be seen up ahead on the left.

The passenger of this taxi was using a camera to take pictures of scooter drivers parked at a red light with him. I returned fire.

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