City of Madness

I was looking for room 607. This door is 608. But 607 should be a couple meters to its left, and is missing.

This stately building is not a wedding hall or a love motel, but an employment welfare center.

And this is a tax office.

I'd rather just go to the amusement park.

The dinosaur has tipped over.

Poor guy.

I don't think my cats would sit still for this ride.

Did I wake up in Disneyland?

Next, a fence around an old factory.

The factory.

Pretty colourful.

Click for full size.

A nice mural, somewhere in Bucheon or Bupyeong.

This is by Wolmido. Looks like coffee.

This is heading toward Cheongna International City. I guess nobody walks there.

Annam is the name of the corrupt fictional city in Asura: The City of Madness.

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