Coinmool show

On the way out.

I think I like the darker one better.

When I got to the show, Cockrasher was the first band, which was the exact opposite of what I was expecting.

Since last time I saw them, they reunited with their original singer.

Next was The 1234-Dah!

A former Skunk Hell regular photographing a former Skunk Hell regular photographing a former Skunk Hell regular.

The decorations inside are interesting.

The Korean landscape drawing on the wall is a nice touch.

The one member of the band I couldn't photograph behind the drumkit.

I thinmk this is Dead Chant.

I started to like the ceiling more.

I was mostly photographing the two members wearing bright clothes, but this guitarist ended up making the best shots.

I asked the owner about the name situation, how it's both Goinmool and Hippytokki at the same time.

The last band was Hi-Teen Pops.

My only decent drummer photo the whole night.

He looks properly socially distanced with a front row of all stuffed animals.

There were people there though.

This is former Magpie Hongdae.

This is the North Korea-themed bar that caused a lot of controversy a year ago. That didn't last long.

Oliver reunites with the makgeolli man.

Mask off. Though makgeolli man with COVID-19 would be the ultimate super spreader.

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