Waterworks Museum

This apartment is built on the former spot of a neighbourhood I explored back in 2008.

Inside the museum.

They kept this one old building in pretty good shape.


Here's a model of how the place previously looked. Only the building I'm in and the reservoir seem to be authentic.

This map seems to indicate there had been drainage where Hangang-daero is now, indicated by the glowing green line. Somehow that never came up in my research on Manchocheon, which runs parallel to it on the other side of the train tracks.

Manchocheon does meet up with the yellow drainage line in the upper left, where it zigzags a little which I know is the course of Manchocheon through Seosomun area and up to Gyeonggyo Bridge, where it takes a sharp right underneath Sinmun-no. The downstream end of that yellow line seems to be at Gongdeok Ogeori.

Standard male and female mascots.

There were entrances to a reservoir nearby.


This is a bit more how the lighting actually looked.

One more building to see.

And a giant floating tap that was not working.

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