I believe the first band was Blue Turtle Land. Not sure why her drumsticks are doing that; I don't remember any flashing lights.

There's Hahn Vad, flanmked by a nosy market guy who very vigilantly made sure vehicle traffic could get by, swore a lot, and I'm pretty sure called the cops.

Seen from higher up nearby.

While I was up there, the clothes of the day were all being loaded onto trucks.

A random dancer joined the band for their last song.

He jumped, but it wasn't too exciting.

The next band was Gureung Train.

Another view from up higher.

Meanwhile, a worker nearby was packing things up.

And the police came. I had the feeling this wasn't their first visit. They seemed pretty relaxed about it.

Talking with the resident crank.

On the way to the washroom.

A closed building aboveground.

One of the few remaining vendors late at night.

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