Raccoon Dog's Villa

Heading out over Namsan.

I found these sad dogs waiting in front of a grocery store.

Another dog felt their despair.


Good name.

I got back into the villa grounds. The raccoon dog had been in the doorway to the right.

First a quick look through the building on the left.

I got a better picture of this.

The Simpsons drawing.

Now time to go in.

There's the baby.

I was getting my camera ready for a quick shot if I disturbed the raccoon dog again.

Are those paw prints?

This is how the world looks when you're that short.

I found a skull. Guessing it belongs to a small dog but not sure.

A chandelier on the floor.

Curious what made those marks.

Up on one of the higher floors.

Those are paw prints I think.

Good view of the area.

This is in a loft floor at the top.

Calendar from March 2000.

I found some friendly creatures.

More gathered.

This one may have been abandoned shortly after that celebrated year.

An impressive painting.

I went through this dark corridor looking for animals.

I found this in one of the rooms.

Looks like I found a dark elf.

A sort of chandelier, hanging right-side up.

Lots of art in this room.

I think this was in a different room.

My idea of art.

More furry friends.

And a better view of the neighbourhood.

Click for full size.

Then I went down and found pumpkins being dried out front.

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