Abandoned Office Building

I noticed that small house on top of the corner building.

Here's the side of the abandoned building.

A closer look at the side door. nothing seems to be in the way.

The front door.


Inside, it was clear they were working on gutting it. Not sure why there's a skateboard.

The floors were all single room, and all were empty.

With only the ceiling looking different.

I noticed the respirator but no signs of asbestos abatement.

Disconnected pipes on the roof.

The roof view is okay.

The feature that stood out the most to some of my friends was that house on the roof of the building in the foreground.

I guess the hillside neighbourhood would be Ihwa Village.

Looking straight up the road. I can see the abandoned hotel I visited a few months earlier.

The roof of the building I'm on.

The parking garage.

The very bottom level.

The fridge was empty.

This looks kind of retro.

Part of the old fence out front.

And here's where the RAS Korea office is found.

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