Phone Pictures 1

A picture in the kitchen at Morgan's crowded New Year's party before we headed up to the peak.

I already am white, so all my dreams are white.

I think I was reacting to the 'door' scarequotes. Not sure if I've seen Korean scare quotes before.

A bunch of jackets I was planning to donate. I can't remember if I did.

Some long arms.

A sausage party.

The streetcar in front of Seoul Museum of History, and the Warhammer Titan across the street.

So there were duelling exhibits on streetcars and Sungkyunkwan. It was like they wanted me to go there.

This image shows the streams under HBC/Itaewon and Huam-dong.

I posted this image taken on the inside door of a washroom stall, then thought someone on Facebook might say something about transgendered washroom users and deleted it.

A nicely rendered map of Sungkyunkwan.

You can sit in the front.

The cop titan is still there.

An orderly lineup for some cat food.

At the hospital, they gave me a jugular catheter.

I took this picture because of all the colourful characters. Looking at it after, I guess I was hallucinating.

I took this so I could read the words written on the ceiling.

There was text written between the lines of Terry Crews' shirt, and it moved as he moved. If it had been a CGI effect, it would have been pretty sophisticated.

A picture of a meal. This must be a Western meal judging by the apple juice.

The first time I got up after lying down a few days, it was snowing lightly.

While I was in the hospital, quarantine procedures were put in place.

Here's the first picture I took of the cats after I got home.

Some of the quarantine facilities at the hospital.

A jumble of cat legs.

Rehab Reject.

Gotta admire the convenience and compactness of this Digital Bible.

Quarantine screening.

In the cancer center. My doctors were there, even though I didn't have anything cancer-related. I don't think they understand how alarming that can sound.

"Which building are you in?"
"The cancer center."
"Oh crap."

I looked over the edge of my roof to see some of the roadwork they'd been doing.

Snow buried my Andong Soju yangban bottle.

Yangban graffiti.

A ville.

An unfortunate name. Don't use the washroom there.

Millie looks like a concerned parent.

Snuggling with Buster.

Socially distanced snuggling.

Trapped under a blanket.

Another look at that Digital Bible.

More roadwork.

Free Romance, the favourite chocolate of the Berenstein Bears.

Millie wants cat food.

In her sphere.

I forget why but I needed pictures of cats on the ceiling.

Back to the hospital.

The sun was coming through the window just right, to strike the edge of the washroom mirror and reflect rainbows directly on Millie's sphere.

Here she is celebrating her pride.

As toilet paper hoarding became widespread, I went to a few hypermarkets and photographed the toilet paper sections. I think this was the Homeplus near Dongdaemun-gu Office.

And this was E-mart Cheonggyecheon.

I left my Homeplus groceries on my scooter while I went into the E-mart.

Cat butt.

Here's some toilet paper displayed outside the emart24 next to my home.

This store has since closed down.

And here's more toilet paper at one of the CVS4Us nearby.

Buster looks uncomfortable with having someone else clean the apartment.

Millie is happy.

Butt touching.

Well maybe not butts exactly.

She looks pleased, and her eyes match the wallpaper.

Some of the quarantine stickers. The Wednesday and Thursday ones are still on my sleeve. I wish I'd kept the happy face because they became rare.

General rule, if it's a "real" Mexican burrito, it isn't. Also, do sausages belong in kebabs?

I had trouble believing this. There may have been a restaurant opened in 1894 but I can't believe it was a food court, or any one restaurant that lasted so long.

These are my North Korean masks. I asked an expert if she could identify them, but she couldn't.

Fortunately I had been stockpiling free masks that came with beer, so I had a number of masks ready when the rationing began.

I took a couple pictures for this article.

Here's my pet snake.

Somehow I had never noticed this CVS4U was the main floor of a house. Also, this is when they started taking down the yarnbombing.

It looks like a naked guy is about to sit down on Millie.

I must've taken this because he was snoring or purring.

I tried Billionbox after a friend not in Korea posted a viral picture of the place. The burgers are fine and the price is pretty low. Not sure "shit" is a word you want to see all around in a restaurant. Also, they had quite a lot of paraphernalia for US burger restaurants they were clearly beholden to.

Butt goats at the hospital.

Millie looks eager.

Less eager.

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