Phone Photos 2

I liked the imagery on this election banner.

This is a poster for the first Korean punk show I ever went to.

The Canadian government thought I lived in North Korea. No wonder they prevented us from voting.

A look at my zine collection.

What a knob. He lost thankfully. Both of them did.

Itaewon was empty, except for hundreds of empty taxis.

A table I found in the trash that I considered taking.

More butt touching.

A tense moment in front of the litter box.

The look on Buster's face.

Now he chases her away.

Now she eats stew.

Burger King offered shark meat.

My zine exhibited.


Lots of colourful lights.

The following pictures were taken on my first visit to this part of Insadong being demolished. I only had my phone, but the lighting that night was perfect.

A well-made window.

Some of the tent shops on the sidewalk out front.

I was about to jump a wall into a temple's yard, but those shoes alarmed me. Then I saw Ryan's earlier pictures showing the same shoes in the same place.

The cats don't like it when I catch them having a meeting.

Separated by the eggy wall. This is no longer good enough, and Buster now eats on the floor.

You can see pollen being kicked up on Namsan. Look for the yellow stuff below right the tower, and you can see it blowing toward the right into the sky.

Eating on the roof.

Buster goes camping.

Buster joins the RASKB.

The pandemic must be over, because someone left their toothbrush on the counter with toothpaste on it.

I started taking pictures of kielbasa in anticipation of this article.

I made Polish budae jjigae.

This was my haul after a trip to a Russian grocery store.

My coworker got a new plant.

I went to Gilbert's Burger, and was the only customer.


For Buster's birthday, I took him up Namsan. My camera wasn't working, so I left it on the grass.

Buster led me away.

He went up these stairs.

Meanwhile, my camera was back there.

He met a girl.

And got a view of the city wall.

You can tell by his crouched stance he wasn't comfortable there.

He looks miserable.

Or high.

I have to look at these pictures and the more recent ones to figure out if they did this roadwork back then and then redid it again more recently.

This roof clutter has attracted my attention.

Buster wants pierogies.

Now he doesn't want them.

Ho Lee Chow in Itaewon closed down.

Not sure what these cops were doing.

I like that these buildings say "Sujeong" (same as "save" on a computer) next to ones that were deleted.

Social distancing in a tax office.

The entrance to the Great Japan Hanok.

One of the Great Japan tiles.

This is over in Imun-dong.

I had been planning to use this station as a meeting point.

Abandoned guitar.

This dog hole was perfectly placed.

Kyunghee Palace.

Honeysuckles according to Brother Anthony.

Buster isn't too crazy about my adventures.

This editorial cartoon was pulled from print but put online anyway. It took a lot of arguing to convince them it was anti-BLM.

The Korean BLM march.

Fortunately in Korea, we just hire Black people to make pizza.

People on Reddit did not appreciate when I shared this, claiming it doesn't refer to a "Black" person. The prevailing theory was "black label chef." Why would they mean "Black chef"? That would make no sense, because Konglish always makes sense.

Loaded up with groceries. I think I waited out a long hospital line with a trip to Saruga.

And possibly this Cuban restaurant in Yeonnam-dong.

Millie attends her second ever Chris Murray concert.

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