Phone Photos 3

A friend asked me to do a survey in which I selected various technologies and photographed them with this kind of frame, red for dislike and green for like.

This USB CDROM doesn't work well.

This was my ticket for the mass games in Pyongyang. It was also a USB device.

The other side.

My North Korean smart bracelet. Nice but the charge lasts less than a day.

My North Korean Achim tablet. It doesn't have a lot of functionality or compatibility, and the camera is terrible.

My escape rope.

I took it out to get a shot of it in ue, and found it had rusted into uselessness.

Would not.

The watch in use.

The mass games card has several promotional videos.

The tablet's apps.

Using the USB CDROM.

Kitchen scissors.

I put them to use.

Useless cat.

The view out the back of Trench Town. That glass sand crawler is Yongsan-gu Office.

North Korean cookie packaging.

The ingredients.

The rusted ring for the escape rope.

Seoul Station.

Quarantine facilities at the hospital.

I believe I know who Kairos is.

Crazy Multiply zine market.

Hank proudly displays a Canadian flag.

This is when I noticed the fire tulip statue next to the Yongsan Disaster site.

I went moktak shopping.

And I visited some mountain spirits.

I wanted to see what the 5G transmitter in a mask looked like.

Millie tries pizza.

This has to be filled out in order to visit the hospital. I'm amused they ask if you've been to any religious assemblies. They later started specifying certain churches.

Donuimun Museum Village.

I think that's JiHoon's arm.

The escalator leading down to...

the former Yongsan Food Tent food court.

Here's a picture of how it originally looked.

Pennies for some reason.

A slight panorama from when the Host Tunnel flooded.

The banana elevator.

A dead rat by the river.

McSocial Distancing.

Where the sidewalk ends.

A helpful Earth that does not feel threatened by humanity.


Outside GBN.

A Charlie Brown-themed scooter.

Pretty classy.


I really hope that was a finger.

Nope, can't remember what that was.

It looked like there was going to be a new restaurant, but then it never seemed to be open, and now I think there's a bar there with no sign.

Our view of the torture room.

Two cats, two computers.

These look like candy tongues.

A regular day in Haebangchon.

Buster settles in to do some writin'.

Now the hospital is starting to get more prying.

Warped panorama.

My finger messed it up.

Quarantine procedures at McDonald's.

Millie poses.

And my new toy cats.

Buster fires off an article.

Millie wants food.

The Ambassador.

A nice big hole in the gate.

Added to the K-Iceberg.

I had hoped to visit while my office was located next door.

A friend posted a cartoon about a therapy chamber a man bought for his wife, and it turned out the way it worked was she would stay in it and he couldn't hear her. And then I found out it's a real thing.

I started noticing snails like this around my door.

New boots.

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