Phone Photos 4

Buster waits to see the vet.

You can see how his ear is crooked.

It's filled with blood.

The doctor is in.

Carrying him.

He was miserable the whole time he wore this.

I can't identify birds.

Still sad.

Great outfit.

Abandonment in Itaewon.

Millie doesn't know what to do.

Reading the paper for his article.

He got one ear out.

Millie adds her contribution.

A look at the unbandaged ear.

A visit to the Cheondoist church.

He always had a big appetite.

He managed to ease the bandage down and blind himself.

I discovered they keep a spunge and some paper towels near the gas pump, so they can empty out any drops in the nozzle rather than give it to you for free.

Buster wandered over and weighed himself, with no guidance from me.

Bone tunnel bones.

Coetzer is never not unsettling.

Dead tunnel fish.

Hard at work.


Doing some more writing.

A one-eyed cat.

What to read next?

The mouse is comfortable.

This used to be Magpie Hongdae.

Millie fills out the paperwork.

Now food?

Buster checks to see if he can have that money.

Michael appeared on "This Hour Has 22 Minutes."

The pig head.

Barbecue with Hahn Dae-soo.

We all admired this bubble.

The entrance to my office.

Millie gets some salmon.


Eating her salmon.

A slide from an RASKB lecture.

Now Millie dances.

Gummy Peanuts?

One of the last remaining Popeyeses before they all closed.

First attempt at printing. Getting the spine right was difficult.

The Filipino market.

Millie on her birthday.

That's a lot of ihwaju.

I cannot remember what this was.

Maybe ihwaju.

Infinite onion rings.

Some sort of renovation work.

Beats K-mas.

Ihwaju in chocolate.

A little imperfect.

Worn shoe.

My favourite rotisserie chicken van.

Left Cat and Right Cat.

This was our Thanksgiving meal. My Korean carrots are at the bottom.

I can't remember what we were watching.

Aaron was doing scalp tricks with a beer can.

He could make it move around by flexing skull muscles.

Does this picture mean I broke the toilet?

This homeless guy seems to sit here a lot, with the birds.

Scooter repairs.

Millie reads.

Where's her article?

Buster wants to be a part of it too.

I caught the cats 96ing.

A new stealth speed bump at Gyeongnidan.

Hahn Vad's bookstore.

A polaroid of a previous party.

Between the railings.

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