It was an old area, with a couple narrow passageways leading in.

There's the other.

I stopped to appreciate this concrete formation.

This was the yard of one house that was abandoned and left open.

I decided not to try my luck stepping on that.

I found my way through to the other side where I could overlook on Seosomunro.

Someone wasn't hungry I guess.

A narrow passageway.

From here I could see there was a lot more to the area.

Looking back on that walkway.

One more section.

Down this way you can get to Jungnim-ro

This is a tank for effective microbes, which is distributed as a water additive, as well as for washing and waste disposal. This is something I don't know much about. I would guess if it's here, residents have poor tapwater quality or lack of toilet plumbing.

This is the view across the street.

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