This is supposed to be Baekundong Stream, which runs from various sources around Seochon to Cheonggyecheon. The actual course of the stream is beneath Saemunan-ro 5ga-gil, that diagonal street behind the Sejong Center. But it was memorialised in Gwanghwamun Square. There also had been a similar one on the other side of the square for Junghak Stream (despite there being a bigger reconstruction of the stream alongside Jongno 1-gil (which is always waterless). But that one seems to have been removed. I'm not sure if it'll be rebuilt, but I doubt anyone will notice its absence.

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He looks angry. No wonder he's no longer a clothes model in a department store.

Here's the one in the middle. Less angry. I had to wait until a different day (Jan. 16) to go back and shoot this without the protester next to it.

Here's another one further down the road toward Namdaemun.

Sort of 3D!

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