One small traditional house we came across before reaching the zone. Click for full size.

And a Buddhist temple uncomfortably close to the area.

A tagger whose name you probably can't pronounce.

We stepped over a small barrier and were in the demolition area.

There was no actual walking on parts like this.

It seems like demolition has wrapped around this grouping of buildings in the middle.

Here's the tallest building in the redevelopment zone.

We glanced in this interior, where the previous occupants had lined the walls with fake brick.

The path through the middle we'd been following.

Click for full size.

There's that one traditional house that seems still active.

We looked inside the sandwich shop my friend used to order stuff at. No, not those rice burgers.

The exterior.

An unnecessarily demonic raw beef restaurant.

Last building before the curtain.

One of my friends lives in that building in the middle.

The building on the left houses a former student of my friend. We caught him pissing in the alley. I suspect that means he doesn't have indoor plumbing.

This green fence denotes a weird 7-shaped property that the owner is exercising his rights on by putting up the fence and inconveniencing everyone in the area.

Except maybe this cat who has more cover to hide.

On the outside of the curtains. The IBK bank on the left is still open.

We ducked behind another curtain, and you can see my friend hiding from the village bus.

I wanted to get closer to this collection of building shadows.

Click for full size.

"Live like the sun."

I checked in on a Japanese friend who lived in the area.

I couldn't decide between this one and the next.

I like that she looks more like she's stepping over broken glass here, but her outline is more imposing in the other one.

This is where we originally met, over by that nearest pillar.

Her new home is this window ledge.

A pleasantly descending road leading us out.

And an interesting front door.

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