Torture Park

Seoul Metropolitan Fire & Disaster Headquarters had this spotlight on it that could move around and beam a few different images. Must've been very powerful lasers.

The newly made road running between the fire HQ and Torture Park.

This looks like a fountain yet to be filled.

A sort of imposing-looking building at the end.

There was a weird set of stairs leading nowhere, just to give you a sort of okay view of the road.

When I visited in 2017 during demolition, there had been similar ruins exposed.

These lumps of concrete with bathroom tile were there too.

This leads down to whatever exhibition space they have, plus ample parking.

I believe the torture room was directly under this gravel area.

I have to say, turning the ruins of the KCIA building into seating with these cheap-looking red extension things is...sort of tacky.

I decided to look closer at the new road.

The design of the whole thing reminds me of a scaled down Seosomun Park, which is also more exposed on the street level. Click for full size.

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