Abandoned Cat Cafe

This is what I saw when I looked inside.

This is just a warning about cat hair.

A document about the business registration.

Destroyed lightswitch.

Toilet paper cats.

An out-of-place illustration that looks hand-drawn.

This is what most of the art was like.

The way to the litterbox I guess.

Some of the cat walkways around the room.

A list of things cats hate and like.

These seem to be some of the cats' names.

Kkami is three years old.

Dodam is two.

More art.

This one looks like my cats fighting over a scrap of raw meat.

The way up.

A catwalk leading to a platform.

Another cat photo found.

More rules. You'd think this was a tiger cafe.

Here are more of the shelves.

That's one long cat.

Another cat photo, torn up but somewhat lovingly reassembled.

Looking out the front door.

The menu for the cats.

This was the shoe cabinet in the apartment one floor up.

And a freakish rabbit-like thing.

Also a Hello Kitty pillow.

Last I photographed some of the art on the exterior of the building. This is a very childlike cat.

Same with this one.


And this one caught a shark.

Elsewhere in the area, here's an abandoned Hanok.

Facing the front entrance.

A panorama from higher up.

Inside the madang.

A modern kitchen.

So many different patterns.

Behind that Hanok were a couple more houses. The passages got very tight. I didn't go farther.

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