Japanese Hostess

A fairly crowded street, at least business-wise.

In an abandoned house, I found these pictures on the kitchen wall. Curious what motivated the resident to include a picture of a highrise complex.

That was the house.

Looking down at the path of devastation.

Click for full size.

We got a tour from a Japanese resident.

Since our last visit less than a week earlier, they have completely demolished a row of buildings that used to be right up against the yellow curtain.

One of them lives down there.

Our hostess wanted us to go upstairs.

Looking over the moonscaped part.

Further up still.

She offered to cook us some food.

More stairs, up this way.

A village bus drives through on the way to the university.

We went too far down.

She suggested we go down further this way.

Two equally sized real-life humans.

She had a quick nap.

Then the tour continued.

The bathroom.

The living room.

The rebar room.

Over here, there were more guests.

They were busy taking their own pictures.

Between two excavators.

The garage.

With a car inside.

She offered to give us a lift.

We arrived during rush hour.

A closer look at the rebar pile.

One quick look on the way out.

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