I used to work in a building along this street, under an overpass.

I don't remember the polar bears.

Or the Christmas trees.

It looks otherwise familiar.

The polar bears have clearly been underfed.

Heading down toward a neighbourhood of affordable housing.



The floor is pulled up to look for valuable pipes to salvage. None I guess.

The streets were wide open and empty.

This fridge seemed to be advertising services to help people move out.

This black cat was pretty friendly.

This one was not.

He wanted to go for a ride.

I tried feeding them, but they weren't interested.

This one was afraid and kept his distance.

He went over to show me his own food stash.

He got a little roly-poly.

And then I saw a sign cautioning not to feed them.

Hotel ROVL, rolls off the tongue.

I passed by Baekun Lake, where they seem to be building their own National Assembly.

Finally I made it to my friend's home, on a long slanted street.

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