Abandoned Hospital

I saw an old house in bad condition along one alley.

This one yard was crammed with so much junk, it was bulging out like this.

It was class D.

Another nicer old house in the area.

This cat was calm with my presence.

Maybe she was modeling.

Another look at the house crammed with junk.

I got onto a roof, but it was this kind of roof.

Looking down over the area, trying to see the abandoned hospital I was looking for. That seems to be it with the red roof and the tree coverage.

There's quite a hill here, and it's covered in buildings probably dating to the 1990s.

Looking toward Namsan.

Now let's try to put it all together. Click for full size.

An SUV parked in a sunny part of an alley.

A red truck in front of a nicely situated house.

Up ahead was the hospital.

It has this weird wing.

Here's the front with the path leading in.

This door and window section looked like it had been pushed in.

A look at the fortifications.

And a ramp.

I walked right in.

There was a narrow path around the side.

Around back was an open window, but it was high enough up that I probably couldn't reach it standing.

Also there were CCTV warnings.


I circled back to the entrance and decided to try going in.

Maybe the name of the building.

This door had a map on it.

I followed the stairs up.

On the roof, I got a close-up view of the roof tiles which were in good condition.

Then I slipped inside.

This doesn't seem to answer what they did here.

An outline of the house on both main floors.

I reshot this room.

Click for full size.

The wing on the main floor.

This was the message on the roof beam on the top floor wing.

The way it's been stripped like this looks like they're preparing for renovation, rather than demolition.

A better exposure of part of the ceiling.

Interesting pattern on the window.

A floor heating pipe.


A tree stump sticking out of the pavement outside.

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