I looked through this passage trying to get to an abandoned building. It's the brick building back there with all the ducts.

Looking for a way directly to it, I came across this underpass beneath the main train tracks.

There was a barking coming from inside a small corner store, and I could see a dog or two trapped inside.

Here's the front entrance to the abandoned building. The ground floor is still active.

But no way to the other parts.

Meanwhile, over in Huam-dong, I found a pharmacy that was open on a Sunday.

And right next to it, a second pharmacy open on a Sunday.

This motel photo is just a placeholder to look up information about something else.

It seems like I found a small motel area undergoing some rebuilding.

And I also found the cloud titan.

A closer look.

The shape of Jangchung Church always amused me.

Over at Yongsan Railyard, it looks like some sort of construction is finally happening. But as far as I can tell, it seems like they're rebuilding structures similar to what they tore down previously.

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