Abandoned Neighbourhood

A nearby train station.

Much of the area was already demolished. I didn't like the idea of going to that row of mostly not demolished buildings.

Click for full size.

I could see the ruins of a shamanic shrine down there. Also, a car inexplicably parked, despite not having found road access.

There were these cat gates all throughout the perimeter fence.

Plus food outside.

Is this a tag version of my name?

Baby photos.

Apparently there is surveillance of this area around the clock.

I guess all the people in those apartments are probably pretty close to 24-hour surveillance.

An abandoned playground.

More equipment. The clock was off by 30 minutes.

And exercise equipment.

On the other side, I could see back to the building I'd rooftopped.

And a way down to the debris field.

Here's a caved-in underground space, one reason why walking across debris fields is dangerous.

A closer look at one of the partly demolished apartments.

A chunk of tiled surface.

An English listening study book.

And someone practicing drawing U.

This looks like it's a roof to a gate or some other small shack structure.

The wood around here was pretty obviously from a shrine.

I brushed dust off some of the wall paintings.

This shows traditional Korean carpentry techniques for fastening building parts without the use of metal nails.

I don't know what this is called, but they're commonly seen at Buddhist sites.

One more painting found.

No idea what the little straw thing is for, but it's obviously something.

The alcohol bottle is related to rituals.

This site had designations from the local gu and the city.

Looks like they had been buying alcohol in bulk.

Here's a sign about the site.

This is where the entrance used to be.

A nearby park for non-spirits.

I couldn't find the washroom, but I could find many places to fall.

This appears not to be what I initially thought it was, which doesn't have eyes.

The church was nearby, so I decided to get a closer look.

The church is having its own last supper.


Slightly wider view.

Seats behind the podium.

Some of the stained glass, showing Jesus gathering a lot of water to turn it all into wine.

And here's just Jesus.

Is that Jesus?

A sign from last July which mentions they're moving online.

A view from the second level.

Another look at that narrow row of housing.

Abandoned picture taken inside the same church.

An interestingly coloured phone.

One floor down was I guess the Sunday school.

Some of the kids, with fruit arranged in a way that looks a little un-Christian.

A lot of little notes I should look at closer.

The church office had a map of the area.

Whose birthday?

From a nearby rooftop, a view of the church.

A sad face.

Looking over the debris field.

A closer look at the church.

And here's a view of the apartments towering over the area. I could hear kids playing in a playground a little to the right of center. Click for full size.

Heading down.

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