Sprout Village

A narrow alley.

I noticed some fairly old homes around here.

I found a gap under a construction fence.

Same picture with the focus deeper. I tried combining the two exposures bit it didn't look right.

Here's the view from up here.

Click for full size.

Other than the panoramas I took some narrower shots showing how surreal the landscape is.

It's a real patchwork down there. Also, I couldn't be sure if there were any workers down at those shacks.

Click for full size.

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I left quickly and found another area of old neglected houses. It was too far down for me to bother getting closer.

I wasn't too willing to climb over this skinny wall alone.

Same area seen from further back.

Starting to get dark.

An interesting-looking boiler.

Slightly more clinical shot from further back.

I wanted to go up there but I didn't want to bother the cat.

Here's the neighbourhood on top of the hill.

This used to be the entrance to the slumping school that was destroyed.

It used to be right down there.

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