Abandoned Neighbourhood

There are some old buildings, seen with the wrong white balance settings.

A formerly busy-looking street running through the middle.

Two abandoned bowling balls.

A bamboo wife.

I saw a traditional house ahead, but there was a woman working right around the corner.

That's an oddly high number of nails.

It wasn't secured strongly, but I didn't go in.

The house on the left has pretty wide eaves.

Granted, the metal edge extends it a lot.

I liked that weird little divider between the two front doors.

The word "ANGER" caught my attention.

This cat was wary of me. There was food left for it inside the door on the right.

I wonder what this was for.

I had to wait for a vehicle to leave before I could go down here.

I wonder what the deal is with the graffiti.

Seems kind of excessive to put those yellow signs on every door.

A narrow alley.

Leading to a more traditional door.

And a less traditional door.

I think this is supposed to be a bollard.

They looked like they were humping.

A view from above.

Slightly wider.

Slightly closer.

Click for full size.

This alley had a lot of street art.

Usually they don't draw the anatomy, just the "SEX."

Is that supposed to be someone?

Practice makes perfect.

ACAB and what look like a couple religious symbols.

Another high vantage point.

A hole in the roof.

Not sure if I've ever seen a fire line before.

Interesting brick structure.

Printer ink.

There's the motorcycle in front of the traditional house I saw earlier.

A newer style of house.

And an older one.


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