Aging Market

From up here you can see a large ad canvas being used for roofing.

An overview of the area, with the market being the white buildings on the far side of the parking lot.

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I entered the market which was quiet but not totally deserted.

Some of the streets were like this.

And then there were the covered streets. This one seemed to specialise in dog meat.

A narrower side alley.

And one syllable, probably "seed."

There's the store.

Other side of the same sign.

An active Hanbok shop right inside the area.

I entered the main building which was pretty dark but still functioning.

Closer look at the sign.

The stairs up to the second floor, where there was an active bar.

Back to the dog meat alley.

CCTV warning.

Garbage was piled up outside.

This is the top level of the main building.

Another attempt.

This sign is bulging and in danger of falling.

Going out through the active parking lot.

I passed by some more closed commercial buildings not far away.

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