South of Seoul

A nice stream cuts through the area. I'm not sure where the renewal zone begins, but possibly among the lowrise buildings.

I drove along the road next to the stream. These buildings had a very strange structure, with many doors leading into small rooms on the ground floor. Not sure what's inside, whether it's storage or small homes.

A rocky facade on this building.

A nice flower.

Barber shop.

Gotta love these characters.

A road cut right through a section that was already demolished.

This is the section on the right side of that road.

There's looking back over the road to the left side which is more uphill.

A workers' picnic table.

I came out, only to find a family gathered around the gate on the other side of the street, oblivious to me.

The main street running through the area.

Next I got into the other side of the demolished area, after the family left.

Click for full size.

Another view of that shack.

Heading back the way I came.

This part of the construction fence is secured to gas pipes.

A cat shelter.

Footsteps on the stairs at a daycare.

They had some pretty gruesome window art.



I've never seen that exact kind of police-branded sign stand.

From a higher street, I looked down and saw that fairly large animal.

Yeah, it was a cat.

Looking out over the area. You can see the same demolition area in the distance, downhill.

This playground seemed to be the highest point in the whole area.

A pretty old house.

I was surprised to see that baby thing in there. It felt like I'd seen a lot of abandoned baby stuff there.

Interesting design choice.

Street art.

Looking up at where I'd come from.

I liked the image of that woman holding a giant key.

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