Behold Wolgot.

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Everything to the right of the ship building I believe is not Wolgot, although I could be wrong about the immediate next building.

Wolgot Station on the Suin Line.

Everything over there is Incheon Nonhyeon, with Soraepogu Market hard to see due to its low height.

This is the former site of Marine World, an abandoned amusement park we had arrived just a little too late to see with all the rides. But now it's all gone, all stripped out.

The butt goats were gone from trees in Seoul, but out here they were still blooming.

And there are tulips.

Another look at the big castle thing.

I found an alley full of glitzy love motels nearby. This one slightly oversells Wolgot's charms.

Closer to the water, Wolgot General Fish Market was looking pretty run-down.

Several of the restaurants were closed with bills stuck in the door.

I have a water fountain like this at home.

The interior showed more signs of life at the other side away from the water.

A woman stopped me and asked what I was doing there. I said I was wandering because I'd been here 10 years ago and I had memories of the place. She seemed guarded about people wandering around but accepted this.

Out front it's still more active.

Directly across the street from Marine World.

Wandering through the market more.

It would be easier to photograph after sunset.

Smashed window.

This place moved.

From nearby I could see over the market toward Marine World.

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Over there is Baegot, a New Town project of Siheung that is apparently really huge, but hasn't particularly caught my eye.

I wonder what the deal is with the wig sphere over there.

There are sort of two parts to the market, and the other one over there seemed to be doing somewhat better.

Looking at these pictures after the fact, why didn't I go on top of that parking garage-looking building?

Okay, one last look.

Passing by some of the glass structures back here.

And more broken glass.

This is the kind of bouquet given to opening businesses.

I really wanted to get on top of that ship, which is probably possible, but there was a guy talking on his phone right outside the entrance for way too long.

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