Here's a narrow-gauge train like what used to be used for the Suin Line.

Exept this information sign is in the way of getting a good picture.

Best attempt.

Click for full-size image.

On the left is Wolgot, and all the greyer buildings to the right are Baegot.

Aside from this shore area, this part of Incheon is about as uninspiring as Baegot.

From further to the right along the shore, here's another look at Wolgot.

And after going on a ramp, I ended up at a crosswalk where I could see actual mudflats for the first time today.

It didn't look very nice.

There's an old woman tending to the vegetation.

A better view of the mudflats here.

This looks cleaner than where I started.

I'm not sure why the water is such a weird dark colour.

Bird tracks.

Looking toward Baegot over the mudflat.

Or is this Baegot? It all looks the same.

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