Songdo Backwaters

' At first I thought I was looking at a lineup of identical cars. They were all turning left.

A family of balloon titans in front of the convention center.

Tomorrow City is open now as...

...wait for it...

Startup Park.

I'm not sure what I'm photographing here.

There's Tomorrow City on the left, and NEATT in the middle.

Another empty street.

A playground with windmills among the giants.

This street leads toward Central Park.

This one is lined with nice trees.

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None of those buildings existed on my last visit. The orange arts center was under construction.

Lots of butt goats here.

Wild fields among the skyscrapers.

There were what looked like tents. I think it was about urban farming.

There was an enclosed lake, the Waterfront Lake, which I'm pretty sure was just the ocean last time.

You can see a guy down there.

A slightly wider shot.

Heading back down.

The land had this net on it here.

Another look at the butt goats.

I probably ran this red light.

Those two towers look new, and huge.

More of those weird tubes.

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I'd never seen this minimall-looking place before.

These electric scooters were everywhere.

I'm confused by this but somehow these things are only two thirds the height of NEATT.

Speak of the devil.

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