Songdo Landmark City

The lowrise buildings there are Canal Walk.
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A flooded turnoff from a dead road.

This appears to be where Pentaport Rock Festival was held.

Here's another view of Canal Walk.

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And there it is with some more urban gardens in front.

Not sure what these are.

While driving through Landmark City, I was struck by how it was almost entirely residential towers, with a few schools. The main commercial areas were in these weird little ugly minimalls that seemed to lack versatility.

It was like this in all directions.

The truck in the ditch was a nice touch.
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I parked in a dirt lot to wander out onto the land reclamation area.

It was barely dry land, and clearly wanted to be mudflats.

There was just too much dry land for it all to be mud.

This was the only excavator I saw in the entire area.

I scared off some kind of large bird.

Closer look. I think it might be a mallard.

Over there I think is regular Songdo.

And behind me is Songdo Landmark City.

Which is all like this.

Here you can see Landmark City on the left, and regular Songdo on the right. This is something like three of four sides around me. Click for full-size image.

I went over for a closer look at the excavator. It wa in working order.

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Looking back the way I'd come.

I've heard there's a layer somewhere deep down, probably below the water level, called geotextile, which keeps Songdo together so the deposited land doesn't just dissolve away in the water. Not sure what it looks like, but probably something more substantial than this.

Mud cracking in the sunlight.

I wonder what this is.

Back on an actual road around people.

And a road with cars.

I saw a bulldozer and thought of Ryan and his books.

Some of the more familiar Songdo buildings are visible here.

Less familiar.

Another one of those small commercial shoeboxes. It's strange how the two I've shown have had those weird heavy-looking slanted roofs.

More of those tubes.

I saw "cannabinus" and got my hopes up. No, kenaf is nothing that fun.

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Here's another look at that Art Center Incheon, which stands out on a little peninsula like Wolgot.

Looking toward main Songdo area over the lake.

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Looks like a gazebo.

I went by what appeared to be a government building after everyone left.

They had this weird fountain thing I remembered from last time I wandered the edgelands. It's fenced off and looks like it's in bad shape.


G-Tower's observation deck was closed during the pandemic.

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