Songdo Canal Walk

This is looking at the Summer section of Canal Walk, from Spring.

The buildings are separated by four-lane roads which make it difficult for pedestrians to cross from one to another. Rather than going all the way to the corner to use an intersection, these four are just jaywalking. They could have actually put the crosswalk here, as I've seen them do in one part of Neo-Pimatgol.

Anyway, here's Spring.

Now here's Summer.

They have a New York Lobster. I know Songdo is cosplaying Manhattan, but is New York at all known for its lobsters?

The koi in the water are all painted on the bottom.

I took note of the external staircases and figured I could get to the roof.

But first I would have to cross that road again.

Maybe by that crosswalk?

Fortunately the danger of the escalator was pointed out.

There were noticeable vacancies around the complex.

Okay, I crossed back to Spring.

This is Spring.

And now I'm on the roof.

Looking down the street.

A view out over the wasteland toward the Pentaport site.

I decided it would be a better view on the opposite side.

So I went down and up.

Somewhat better view but I was losing motivation to be here.

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