FF Show

Looks like someone started a scooter gang fight.

When I walked into FF, there were chairs and tables set up. They normally have at least some, don't they?

This picture was just to locate the emergency exit, but the guy who can't really be seen in the NY hat smiled for me.

I believe this is Smoking Goose.

Everyone was wearing masks, when possible.

Nagi offered Songyi a sip while her mask was on.

I went upstairs but slipped backstage rather than going outside.

It was quite the party.

This band is Thunders.

The women's washroom is here, but I could have sworn it used to be for men and women.

Now here's TalkBats.

Jeff wanted me to try taking pictures from behind the band so I got on stage.

Those lights are really too bright for good photography.

Most people came outside and it looked like being in front of a regular show.

I took this remembering the skinhead collector cards I used to make. I don't have any of anyone using a back scratcher.

Caspin seems to be drinking out of a paper bag.

Out front again.

Now ...Whatever That Means.

I tried getting on stage again.

After, we drank next to a convenience store.

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