Sewol Anniversary

Due to the Gwanghwamun renovations, the way to the Sewol area is through this narrow passage that appears guarded by police. There were loud protesters in front playing loud music, and while I didn't get a close look I figured at least some were counterprotesters trying to ruin the commemoration of over 300 deaths over ideological reasons.

Heading in.

There was a socially distanced line to get into the memorial building. It took about an hour of waiting.

Still early in the wait.

I looked through trying to see if the Junghakcheon recreation was still intact. Not sure if that's it.

Near the front of the line. Also, aren't we standing on the little fountains that used to gush up in the summer?

This is over by the uncovered stream.

Still under wraps.

I decided I wanted to look in more detail at the mural, the one I said looked good. Curious about that guy's glasses.

Two elderly foreign tourists.

This girl is cloned throughout.

There she is behind the wheelchair.

There she is behind another wheelchair, identical except for the passenger.

Some happy kids.

Here's a panorama I was able to do, showing the entire thing up until it repeats. Click for full size.

The place where I took this was right in front of King Sejong. Not sure what I think of this new layout. I feel like I'm standing in the way of traffic.

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