The Reggae Lawyer

We went to a meat restaurant Jeong-seok recommended. It was part butcher shop, and the meat was great.

We also got yukhoe bibimbap. nothing like eating raw beef during a pandemic.

The guys smoke next to the trash piled up across the street from Lo-Ok.

Here's a group photo with Smiley, who looks a little too serious in this shot. We were planning to get one later with me included but never got around to it.

A few pictures inside capture the vibe of this place and these particular guys.

Jeong-seok's been calling Kyung-don the "reggae lawyer." I want to write a book with this title.

In Hongdae Station on the way home, my eyes were drawn to this illustration supposedly representing the live music community. Bands playing in the street and on the roof, with no cops coming to stop them? A venue, let alone Rolling Hall, aboveground? A photographer sitting on a roof? Okay, they got that one right.

Wear your mask. Even the trains are doing it.

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