Abandoned Neighbourhood

Welcome to the future.

Wandering through the alleys.

I was admiring the chimney on the near building, and the minimal tiled roof on the next building. It's so small you couldn't see it from the ground.

Dark stormclouds loomed in the distance but it never rained.

A feng shui real estate agency? Looking at their online presence, they're a pungsu-jiri academy, but I can't understand it all. This is their YouTube channel.

We went into one house, and I noticed a bad smell and stained mattresses on the floor. I called out to see if anyone was there, and a cat tore past me and ran to the door where Ryan was, crashed into the window next to the door, ran around in a loop in the room, then succeeded in running out.

Someone has been leaving cat food in here. Isn't this a terrible idea? Shouldn't they be trying to lure cats away from, not into a house set for demolition?

An ad for the iconic Korea-made jeep.

We stopped to admire the clash in the number of building materials decorating the facade of this home.

Here's the upper floor. We tried counting the number of different materials on the exterior of this building. I think it's seven if you count the roof railing.

We found this cat sitting at the threshold to another hanok. I told the cat I was with Broke Publishng and we were scouting for new talent to publish, at which point the cat darted inside. His loss.

It looks like Korean for "euh." Probably it's more like checkmarks to indicate pre-demolition procedures being carried out, like turning off electricity, water, gas, evicting people, etc.

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